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Continental Tires and Chinese Football Association renew partnership

By Andrea Huang 17 Oct 2018

An existing partner of the Chinese Football Association, Continental Tires from Germany, has renewed their partnership with the CFA regarding the sponsorship of Team China (football). A signing ceremony was held on October 16 in Nanjing before an international friendly match between China men’s national team and Syria. 

Continental Tires will continue to act as a partner of Team China (football) which includes the Chinese men’s national football team, the Chinese women’s national football team and other national football teams managed by the Chinese Football Association. 

The brand has been a partner of Team China since 2014. During those four years, Continental Tires has been engaged in the promotion of a Chinese football culture, driving the development of Chinese football and encouraging young people to participate in the sport. 

Member of the Executive Board of Continental and Head of Tire Division, Nikolai Setzer, was one of the Continental Tires high-level management team that attended the ceremony. He says that the Asia Pacific region, especially China, is the key for Continental Tires’ consistent strong growth and therefore, the renewal signals the brand’s confidence and commitment in the Chinese market. 

Continental Tires put forward a Vision 2025 back in 2015. Under the vision, they plan to “spread production and sales activities more evenly around the world, with the long-term aim of out-performing the market in terms of growth.” The investment program “applies, in particular, to Brazil, Russia, India, China and the USA.” 

As we are coming up to the midpoint of Vision 2025, China is apparently playing an important role in its Vision 2025, it is no wonder that Continental Tires chooses to renew the partnership with Chinese national football teams, one of the sports and teams that are receiving the most attention in China currently and possibly in the next few years too. 

As of now, Continental AG say they have 27 manufacturing bases, 17 research and development centers and more than 25,000 employees in China. 


Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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