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Chinese Football Association to recruit 100 foreign coaches

By Andrea Huang 19 Oct 2018

On October 18, the Chinese Football Association officially launched the project “100 Foreign Coaches” to develop grassroots football in China. 

This project will see the CFA recruit 100 foreign football coaches and send them to grassroots football training centers across the country. In addition to training young Chinese children, each coach will work together with 3 Chinese domestic  football coaches, in order to improve the level of coaching of domestic coaches. 

The 100 foreign coaches will be employed in six batches. The first 15 coaches already employed are all from Spain. They have received training in youth training centers in Wuhan to learn about grassroots football training in China, and have now been sent to youth training centers in seven places including Dalian, Chongqing, Yanbian, Shenzhen and Changzhou and other places. 

This project will mainly target three age groups, under 9, 10-12 and the 13-15 group. Each of these three age groups requires different training focuses and goals which should be accomplished in time. 

The project is a move by the Chinese Football Association to enhance the foundation of football talent development in China. One of the key problems of basic-level football youth training in China is the qualification of coaches. So this project also aims to develop good grassroots Chinese coaches to have long-term influence on China’s youth training. 

Reference: Xinhua Sports 

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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