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eSports education company SuperGen Edu partners with Higher Education Press

By Andrea Huang 24 Oct 2018

eSports education company Guangzhou SuperGen Education Investment Co,. Ltd. which belongs to SuperGen Group has partnered with the renowned Higher Education Press (HEP) in China to develop eSports course books and other eSports development initiatives. 

SuperGen is also the mother group of the Chinese eSports club Edward Gaming. SuperGen Edu has previously partnered with Tencent Esports in the development of eSports talents and professionals. This new partnership with HEP is a further move to develop their eSports education business. 

Under this partnership, SuperGen Edu will collaborate with HEP and Tencent Esports to develop and publish eSports course books for eSports majors in higher technical and vocational education in China. Since 2016 when eSports became a major in the Chinese higher technical education system, many Chinese colleges and universities have set up related majors. However, as a new major, it faces a lack of course materials and books to support teaching. 

Apart from the course books, SuperGen Edu and the HEP will also collaborate in offering online eSports education. HEP will make an eSports section on its online study platform while SuperGen Edu will produce the course content. They will also join resources to co-organize training for eSports teachers, drive collaborations between colleges and companies, develop career verification systems and organize eSports education conferences. 


Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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