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Chinese Super League and English Premier League to collaborate

By Andrea Huang 07 Nov 2018

The Chinese Football Association Super League Co., Ltd. reached a collaboration with the English Premier League today (November 7) in Shanghai where the two parties signed a memorandum of cooperation. 

The two parties will have deep collaborations in the future around youth training, referee training, coach development, competition development, promotion of both leagues and other league development areas. 

Youth training will be one of the most important areas of collaboration. The Premier League will send three experts in youth training to visit 8 professional Chinese football clubs in November, to look at and analyse the status of the current Chinese youth training system and will give suggestions and advice to improve it. The result of this inspection is also hoped to be able to lay a sound basis for future collaborations between the two sides around youth training.   

At the same time, a group of U19 coaches from China will visit the UK to receive a two-week coaching course and will examine Premier League clubs’ U18 training to learn from them. 

From the current 2018/2019 Premier League season, the two parties will start initial collaboration around projects. The English Premier League will provide consultancy on strategies, coordination around youth training and will receive delegation exchanges in the UK. The Chinese Football Association and the Chinese Super League will provide assistance to the Premier League and its clubs regarding the organizing of football competitions and marketing activities in China. 

Reference: Chinese Super League 

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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