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Infront China and CBA renew partnership to 2024

By Zhang Tingting 19 Nov 2018

Infront China and the Chinese Basketball Association have renewed their partnership up to 2024, with Infront China continuing to be the exclusive global commercial agency of the Chinese national basketball teams. Infront China will exclusively deal with the global business development and promotion of the Chinese national basketball teams. 

The partnership will adopt a “2-year + 4-year” model. The existing partnership is reportedly set to expire at the end of 2018. 

Since 2005, Infront China have collaborated with the CBA. They also previously, looked after the exclusive commercial development of the CBA league until March 2017 but the CBA Company took back control of the commercial operations. However, Infront China can still sell the sponsorship opportunities for some authorized categories. 

In addition to the commercial development of the national team, it is understood that Infront China has also contributed to other areas of team development, such as improving the quality of match organization, providing support for team preparation  for major international competitions and supporting recent national team reforms. 

The Managing Director of Infront China, Ms Anne Zhao (Zhao Feng), signed the contract with the President of CBA, Yao Ming, on Friday, November 16. 

Reference: Sina Sports  

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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