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NBA China launch NBA Hoop Park

By Zhang Tingting 03 Dec 2018

NBA China has today (December 3) revealed an NBA-culture venue project in China, the NBA Hoop Park and has completed its first park in Meixihu, Changsha.  

NBA Hoop Park is a series of indoor and outdoor basketball courts and relevant facilities that serve local communities, enabling locals to experience and immerse themselves in the NBA experience and help spread the NBA culture. 

As the first completed NBA Hoop Park, Meixihu Hoop Park is located in Meixihu, Changsha, Hunan Province. There are two full-size indoor courts, two full-size outdoor courts and one half-size outdoor court. The indoor space can contain more than 500 people to watch games and is equipped with locker rooms, multi-functional rest areas and LED screens. It is scheduled to officially open for business on December 8. 

It is understood that the NBA Hoop Parks will land in different places across China. All the Hoop Parks basketball courts will adopt the same standards and will be located in central business areas or mature well-developed communities. Each park would be 2000-5000 sqm and be equipped with high-standard facilities. The parks will be decorated with NBA logos and team logos. NBA and partners will organize game viewing parties, grassroots basketball competitions, technology experiences and basketball clinics. They will also combine online and social channels with offline activities to develop basketball communities. 

NBA is working with a long-term partner, the Chinese company Leyun Sports on this NBA Hoop Park project. 

The Senior Vice President of NBA China, Wang Dawei, commented that the motivation of the Hoop Park project is to spread and develop the sport of basketball in China, to enable more Chinese basketball fans to experience the beauty of basketball and to experience NBA culture. 

According to NBA China’s schedule, in the next 6 months, NBA Hoop Parks are going to land in more cities such as Wuxi and Zhengzhou. 

Reference: NBA China 

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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