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No submission of salary documents from three 2018 China League and C2L clubs

By Andrea Huang 14 Jan 2019

The Chinese Football Association has published the list of football clubs who have submitted signed documents proving they had paid the 2018 season’s coach, players and staff salaries in full. These documents were required to be handed in by January 12, 2019 in order to enable clubs to be qualified to register for the 2019 season. 

According to the CFA notice, all Chinese Super League football clubs who played in the 2018 season have submitted their documents. Dalian Transcendence FC who played in the 2018 China League did not hand in the documentation and neither did Shenzhen Ledman FC and Shanghai Sunfun FC who played in the 2018 Chinese Football Association Division Two League (C2L). 

The 13 Chinese Football Association Member Association Champions League (CMCL) clubs who applied to play in the C2L have all handed in their documents. 

Football clubs who were reported to have had difficulties with funding and investors eventually, if not all of them, solved their problems, at least temporarily. 

For example, Sichuan Annapurna FC were reported to have found a local company to back them financially for the new season. 

Baoding Yingli ETS Football Club appear to have found a new sponsor, the lotion brand Baobei Ruye, to replace their original sponsor Rongda Group. 

For now, all submitted documents are being displayed on the official website of the CFA until 5pm January 18. 

Reference: CFA website  

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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