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Chinese authorities publish 2019-2020 plan to stimulate sports consumption

By Andrea Huang 16 Jan 2019

The General Administration of Sport of China and the National Development and Reform Commission issued on January 4 the 2019-2020 plan for the continued stimulation of sports consumption in China. 

According to the plan, by 2020, the national gross sports-related consumption should reach CNY 1.5 trillion. The percentage of sports-related consumption in an individual’s total consumption should be higher than before and the type of sports consumption people are engaged in should be more balanced. 

To reach these goals, the plan aims to implement measures from seven aspects. 

1. Enrich the offers of sports-related products and services. For example, fitness and leisure sports experiences, spectator sports events, sporting goods and services combining sports and other industry sectors. 

2. Build a habit of doing sports-related consumption, by communicating more about sports and the culture of sports, by encouraging regular sports exercises among citizens and by hosting sports consumption-related conventions and exhibitions. 

3. Enhance people’s sporting abilities, by organizing related lectures, increasing sports training businesses and raising the sporting skills of young people. 

4. Expand spaces for consumption of sports. For example, to construct or create various types of sports spaces/complexes/campuses etc., and build more convenient sports facilities for regular leverage by residents. 

5. Optimize the environment for developing sports-related consumption, which means government departments will transform their functions to help and accelerate market growth and continue to encourage and run industry exchange platforms to assist with information exchange and business transactions. 

6. Provide support from government policies and regulations. 

7. Enhance relevant protection measures of consumers in sports-related consumption. 


Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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