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MIGU becomes the exclusive co-operator of China Volleyball League

By Andrea Huang 21 Jan 2019

The China Mobile subsidiary MIGU announced on January 18 that it has become the official exclusive digital co-operating partner of the China Volleyball League. 

MIGU obtains the exclusive digital broadcasting rights to all China Volleyball League competitions and events from 2018 to 2022, as well as the exclusive co-operation rights. MIGU will collaborate with the current operator of China Volleyball League, to run over 600 league competitions, activities, all-star games and awards ceremonies. MIGU is also set to organize exclusive voting for the league’s all-star games. 

This is the first time that MIGU have been involved in both online and offline operations of a sport property. They have been involved in broadcasting sports events, but were not previously involved in the offline operation of sports events.  

Currently, they broadcast sports events such as the CBA, the NBA, and the top European football leagues among others. 

Taking advantage of their connection with the Chinese telecommunications operator, China Mobile, MIGU developed a strategy called “451” -- 4K, 5G and 1 ecosystem and have implemented 4K in the broadcasts of CBA, CSL and other sports. They will also implement 4K technology in the broadcasts of China Volleyball League events. 

In addition to broadcasts, they will also create original programs and contents around  the CVL and will employ good experienced commentators for the broadcasts. 

Reference: China Daily 

 Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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