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Serbia sign cooperative agreement with Liaoning Province in basketball player training

By Wei Ruili 21 Mar 2019

The 2019 International Basketball Championship will be held in Shenyang, which will not only bring a high-level international basketball game to Shenyang, but will also offer more opportunities for the development of basketball in Liaoning province.

At the press conference yesterday, a strategic cooperative agreement was signed between Liaoning Sports Bureau, Shenyang Sports Bureau, Liaoning Sports Industry Group and the Basketball Federation of Serbia.

During the post-signing ceremony interview Dejan Tomašević, the General Secretary of the Basketball Federation of Serbia, talked about the cooperation. “Part of the plan is to send Liaoning’s youth basketball players to Serbia for training. With direct flights and visa exemptions between the two countries, it is quite convenient.”

He also mentioned his expectations for this tournament. “Firstly, I hope all the players of the team would be in good condition. Secondly, we have a good relationship with all the other three teams, however, our goal is three victories.”

Reference: Sina 

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick and Tingting Zhang

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