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Wanda Group to organize flag bearers for FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019

By Andrea Huang 27 Mar 2019

Wanda Group have announced that they will select and organize flag bearers for all 52 games of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019. The news was announced during the FIFA Women’s World Cup Trophy Tour. 

Wanda Group became the first Chinese company to sign up as a FIFA partner in 2016. This gave them rights to all FIFA competitions up to and including the 2030 FIFA World Cup. 

This is the second time that Wanda Group has selected flag bearers for FIFA competitions since  FIFA World Cup 2018. They will select all 312 official flag bearers aged between 12-17 years old. 156 of them will be from China and the other 156 will be young people from local French football clubs and football academies. Wanda Group will collaborate with grass roots football organizations in China and France to create opportunities for youngsters to participate. The selection methods and standards will be discussed and customized according to local partners situations and demands. 

Wanda Group aims to promote the development of football and realize its promise to FIFA as an Official Partner through this project. 


Proofread by Levison Makuvise

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