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Chinese Handball Development Summit Held in Beijing

By Zhao Litong 03 Jun 2019

On May 30, the 2019 Chinese Handball Development Summit, under the theme of “Co-Development for the Future”, was held in the China National Convention Center. The Chairwoman of China Handball Association Wang Tao, the Sports Director of the International Handball Federation Assem Elsaadany, the Vice President of China National Sports Group (CNSG) and Chairman of the Board of CNSG Management Group Wei Weige, a representative from the Hungarian Embassy in Beijing Janos Vekony, the Executive Director of Yutang Sports, Li Jiang, and other guests were in attendance at the summit to discuss the future development of handball in China. 

Too few participants and not enough games, Chairwoman Wang Tao pointed out, are the main roadblocks that are hindering the growth of the handball industry in China. To help the growth of handball in China, China Handball Association has mapped out a blueprint to create a professional handball league in China, aiming to commercialize and professionalize the sport of handball. The Sports Director of the International Handball Federation Assem Elsaadany gave a speech on behalf of the federation. He said that the International Handball Federation saw great potential in Chinese handball, and has made plans to enter the emerging market in China involving a promotional strategy, business sponsorships, the building of a China national team, the creation of a Chinese professional league, the establishment of a handball training system, and the creation of a coach promotion system. He pointed out that China can and will be one of the top performing countries in handball, and that is the goal of both the International Handball Association and the China Handball Association. The creation of a professional handball league is a key step in reaching that goal, and the International Handball Association will give their full support to see the successful development of the Chinese Handball Association Men’s Super League.
The Chinese Handball Association Men’s Super League will be played from June 28 to July 30, 2019 in Beijing, Jiangmen, Suzhou and other cities. It is one of the braver exploratory attempts in the transformation process of sports in China, and an important initiative to boost the development of niche sports.


Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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