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State Council of China publish opinions on improvement in people’s health

By Zhao Litong 20 Jul 2019

The State Council of People’s Republic of China have published opinions on how to implement the Chinese Health initiative aimed at improving Chinese people’s health.

The opinions point out that the health of people is a sign of a prosperous nation, and prevention of diseases are the most effective and economical way to ensure good health. According to the opinions, the healthcare services should transition from treatment-orientated to prevention-orientated and that the government will also establish a health education system to popularize health-related knowledge and guide people to develop reasonable views on health. 

The Chinese Health initiative aims to have a system of health promotional policies in place by 2022, with health levels of people increasing steadily, and more people leading heathier lifestyles. By 2030, health levels of people will have improved greatly, according to the opinions, and healthy lifestyles will be more prevalent. Premature deaths due to serious diseases will see a drastic decrease, and average life expectancy will improve.

The opinions list 15 special actions that fall into three categories. 

●   Promote health-related knowledge, and educate people about healthy diets and regular exercise. Cigarettes will be more strictly controlled, and mental health will draw more attention. In other words, various factors that may harm health will be more focused on.

●    Certain demographic groups will receive more attention, including women and children, young students, workers and the elderly. These groups are more vulnerable to diseases.

●    Increase monitoring on serious diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases, diabetes and contagious diseases. 

A national commission has been established to supervise the implementation of the initiative.

Reference: Xinhua News Agency

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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