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Fourteen government departments to provide unprecedented support to Wushu industry

By Zhao Litong 30 Jul 2019

Fourteen Chinese government departments have recently released a joint Development Plan for the Wushu Industry (2019-2025), aimed at helping the Wushu industry grow faster and stronger. It is unusual to see so many departments collaborating together to develop one industry.

The plan aims to create 10 top Wushu competition events, foster at least 5 professional Wushu equipment manufacturers and Wushu service providers, promote 100 Wushu stars and coaches, and grow 100 model Wushu clubs.

The overall goal is to create a well-structured and fully functional Wushu industry, making sure the industry has a favorable growth environment that produces strong Wushu products and services. According to the plan, the Wushu industry will grow much larger by 2025 with stronger competitive advantages, eventually being on a level appropriate for a country presenting its image as a sports power.

Specifically, the plan will focus on 4 projects: the Taichi health improvement project, the ‘Smart Wushu’ innovation platform, the Chinese Wushu ‘Going Overseas’ project, and the promotion of the Wushu Dan System project. The government departments will support Wushu organizations to register trademarks and apply for patents overseas, and encourage influential Wushu organizations to expand overseas by acquiring, merging and investing in international brands. They will also develop small to middle-sized innovative Wushu companies with the help of innovative incubator platforms.

The government will provide all-around support to the Wushu industry, including improving the mechanisms through which the government purchases Wushu products and services, improves policy support, and strengthens the discovery and development of Wushu talent.


Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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