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Yutang Weekly: What happened in the Chinese sports market (7/29-8/4)

By Yutang Sports 04 Aug 2019

Leyard upgrade partnership with NBA China

Deshijie Sports, a sports branch of the LED products manufacturer Leyard, has become the official LED Display Supplier of the 4th NBA 5v5 basketball tournament. The NBA 5v5 tournament first began 3 years ago, and has now become one of the most entertaining basketball events in China.

The parent company Leyard, on the other hand, have upgraded its partnership with NBA China, becoming the Official Marketing Partner of this year’s NBA China Games. Leyard hopes that by combining the advantages of both parties, NBA China Games will be a visual spectacle that serves to better promote the sport of basketball to Chinese fans.

Fourteen government departments to provide unprecedented support to Wushu industry

Fourteen Chinese government departments have recently released a joint Development Plan for the Wushu Industry (2019-2025), aimed at helping the Wushu industry grow faster and stronger. It is unusual to see so many departments collaborating together to develop one industry.

The plan aims to create 10 top Wushu competition events, foster at least 5 professional Wushu equipment manufacturers and Wushu service providers, promote 100 Wushu stars and coaches, and grow 100 model Wushu clubs.

Sanya to create eSports theme park

Sanya Qingniancheng and Yike Sports have announced that they will work together to create an International eSports Theme Park in Sanya, Hainan province.

In July, the government of Haihan announced a plan to accelerate the creation of an international eSports center, announcing 6 favorable eSports policies, including support in funding, talent development, taxes, visa-free entry, sports events approval process and sports broadcasting.

Showered with beneficial policies, Sanya Qingniancheng will explore new possibilities in landing eSports events, incubating eSports-related companies, producing eSports shows and eSports content, developing eSports talent and integrating eSports with tourism resources, eventually creating a center for eSports and entertainment activities.

National Development and Reform Commission to subsidize newly built football pitches

On July 30, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) of China have published their Interim Implementation Plan regarding the Special Actions on Building Civil Football Pitches across China, announcing that newly built football pitches will receive a fixed subsidy from the central government’s budget if the pitches meet specific requirements. New standard 11-a-side football pitches will receive RMB 2 million each,  while new 5-a-side, 7-a-side or 8-a-side football pitches will receive no more than RMB 1 million. The NDRC is encouraging local governments to provide further support to football pitches through financial funding, sports lottery funding, development financing and other ways of funding.

Ligue 1 signs Ning Zetao as their Brand Ambassador in China

On August 2, the French Professional football league, Ligue 1 announced on the Chinese social network Sina Weibo that they have recruited former Chinese professional swimmer Ning Zetao as the league’s brand ambassador in China.

Suning Sports to launch Series B Funding later this year

On August 2, the Executive Vice President of Suning Sports Wang Dong disclosed during a media conference that Suning Sports plan to launch a new series of funding they expect will bring in more strategic funding, and the group plans to go public in the next 2 or 3 years.

Pudong, Shanghai releases supportive policies for eSports industry

On August 3, at the 2019 Global eSports Conference, the Director of Pudong District Publicity Department Tang Jinsong announced its Pudong eSports Industry Supportive Policies and five development strategies for the Pudong District.

Wuliangye title sponsors Sichuan United FC

Chinese Football Association China League team Sichuan United FC announced on August 2 that they have obtained a new title sponsor, the Chinese alcohol brand Wuliangye. The title sponsorship has saved Sichuan United FC from going bankrupt. 

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