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Xtep sign Jeremy Lin

By Zhao Litong 09 Aug 2019

On August 9, Xtep held a press conference in Guangzhou announcing that they have signed up NBA basketball player Jeremy Lin, who generated the global craze known as “Linsanity" in 2012, signalling the Chinese sportswear company’s entrance into the basketball sector. Jeremy Lin has also become the Public Service Ambassador of Xtep, and will work with Xtep to carry out a series of public welfare programs, including visiting children in less developed areas to encourage them to go after their dreams. The partnership will last three years, with Lin receiving $2.5 million annually for his endorsement of the brand.

Xtep has also released a ‘Basketball Products Co-Creation Initiative’, which aims to interact closely with consumers and create basketball products that meet consumers’ demands through the means of co-creation. Xtep also plans to expand their business in the basketball sector by integrating professional design with campus, public welfare and fashion elements, thereby creating a unique image.

Jeremy Lin is an Asian American NBA player who has become a free agent after winning the 2019 NBA Finals with the Toronto Raptors, and had previously been signed up with Nike and Adidas. His signing with Xtep implies that the sportswear brand, known for being fashionable and following the trend, are determined to make better products for basketball fans.

Reference: Sina Weibo

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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