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Accomplishment of inspection of IOC Evaluation Commission in Beijing and Zhangjiakou

By Yutang Sports 27 Mar 2015

IOC Evaluation Commission conducted inspection mainly in Zhangjiakou competition area on March 26. Evaluation Commission listened to the theme statement about planning of stadiums in Zhangjiakou competition area and conducted careful on-site inspection. At the same day, IOC Evaluation Commission finished its inspection of all bidding stadium in Beijing and Zhangjiakou.

According to information, in that day’s theme statement, Beijing Winter Olympic Games Bid Committee introduced the bidding advantages of Zhangjiakou. During on-site inspection, the compact arrangement of Zhangjiakou competition area gave a deep impression to the Evaluation Commission. There are five competition stadiums and three non-competition stadiums in this competition area. Except the prize presentation square, other stadiums are located in a concentrated area, which is quite convenient for the organization and management of sports events.

After the inspection in Zhangjiakou, Evaluation Commission returned to Beijing, and then it immediately conducted on-site inspection on National Convention Center, which was the last stop for the stadium inspection. National Convention Center is one of the heritages of Beijing Olympic Game. The International Broadcast Center, Fencing Hall and Air Pistol Competition Stadium of Modern Pentathlon of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games were all located here. In the bidding planning of 2022 Winter Olympic Games, it will exert its effect as a premiere media center again. The staff of National Convention Center, especially the managerial level almost all participated in Beijing Olympic Games, which was a quite beneficial factor for the enhancement of operation and services.

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