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Red Bull Names the Official Partner of Chinese Athletics Association

By Sports Money 23 Oct 2020

On October 22, the Chinese Athletics Association (CAA) holds a press conference in Beijing, announcing CAA’s strategic partnership with TCP Group, owner of Red Bull brand and creator of Red Bull trademark, that the Red Bull would become CAA’s official partner.

“It is always CAA’s responsibility and obligation to instruct and accelerate the development of Chinese athletics industry, improve the overall technical level of athletics sports, as well as efficiently promote the implementation of National Fitness Initiative,” says Cai Yong, vice president of CAA, “I hope CAA, driven by its cooperation with TCP Group and Red Bull’s brand influence, would further inspire public groups to form certain habits to exercise regularly, so that our National Fitness Initiative would be better executed to achieve the ultimate goal of national health.

“We are excited to reach partnership agreement with CAA,” expresses Xu Xinxiong, CEO of TCP Group, “In the meantime, we are also proud that the Red Bull could become CAA’s officially selected and recommended energy drink. Through cooperation, TCP Group will work together with CAA to promote National Fitness culture and contribute to achieve the goal of ‘Healthy China’ initiative.”

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