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Party Secretary of the General Administration of Sport of China Outlines A New Plan

By Yutang Sports 19 Nov 2020

On November 16, Gou Zhongwen, the party secretary and director of the General Administration of Sport of China, published a signed article, outlining the sports bureau’s plan for further growth and development of the sports industry in China.

Gou Zhongwen, party secretary and director of GASC

As the Chinese government is planning to make China a sports power by 2035, the General Administration of Sport of China (GASC) has decided on several moves that will help achieve the goal. Yutang Sports has analyzed Mr. Gou’s article and listed below what we think are most noteworthy points.

1. Fully implement the National Fitness policy by constructing more sports courts and facilities and building a better national fitness public service system. Finding an available place to work out and keep fit has been a challenge for sports enthusiasts. As a result, the government will build more sports parks and walking trails. Sports bureaus will also work together with health care departments to promote new fitness styles.

2. Deeply consolidate sports into the education system with the aim of helping young people grow up more healthily. Youth sports events will be expanded and improved, while the construction of sports schools and collegiate sports teams will be further strengthened. Meanwhile, civil sports organizations will be better regulated, and more sports tutors and coaches will be fostered.

3. Promote the development of football, basketball and volleyball, and invest more in winter sports. Prepare for the Tokyo Olympic Games, and in the meantime, make preparations for hosting the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics.

4. Advance the fight against doping and implement a ‘zero tolerance’ policy against doping.

5. Further develop the sports industry, so that by 2025, the total values of the sports industry in China will exceed 5 trillion RMB, and by 2035, the sports industry will become a pillar industry in the national economy. Accelerate the development of the sports services industry, innovate sports products supplies, and guide the sports consumption demands. New technologies such as 5G, internet of things, big data and artificial intelligence will also be utilized to boost the development of the sports industry.

6. Promote the development of sports culture and increase the variety of sports cultural products. Form a China sports media group so that sports new media will grow together with national economy. Encourage communications and cooperation with other nations and regions and bring traditional Chinese sports onto the world stage.

7. Introduce further reforms and innovations in sports industry. Nurture a new system where both national investments and social investments play a key role and encourage social organizations to participate in sports.

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