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Future of Sport: A Global Sports Week x Viva Technology Collaboration, Will Open in June 14

By Yutang Sports 12 Jun 2023

Within VivaTechnology, Global Sports Week is handling the editorial program of Future of Sport, the gathering dedicated to the positive transformation of sport, from 14 to 17 June.

The program includes four days of conferences and debates to identify the assets of innovation, development and positive impact. Focused around 3 key pillars, sport leaders will share their insights to the public:


PERFORMANCE & WELLBEING : How can tech improve elite potential and transform mass participation ?

Wearable products and AI-powered data solutions are driving elite performance to new heights, creating amazing spectacles and enabling historic achievements. Meanwhile, connected fitness is uniting new communities and giving people more ways to stay active and share their performances as social money. How can these worlds combine to inspire healthier societies through sport?

FAN ENGAGEMENT : Putting the fan at the core of sport’s value proposition

After a generation of commercialization and globalization, sports fandom has evolved, and nothing can be taken for granted. Documentaries, web 3.0, influencers are bringing fans closer to the people at the heart of major events and helping them discover new worlds. Fans are uniting in digital communities across cultures, developing their own media and events, and demanding greater purpose from brands, and sport must respond or risk losing out.

ESPORT: The next phase in sport's evolution

As gaming evolves into a new generation of experiences and interfaces - from VR, AR and mixed reality to metaverse-style shared worlds - sport can use hybrid technologies to connect more inclusive communities and enhance major events.


WOMEN & SPORT: Inspiring growth through inclusivity, leadership and visible female excellence.

Elite women’s sport has built an unstoppable momentum but what can be done to harness female influence in the industry? How can representation across commercial and governance roles deliver real progress? What does a truly gender-inclusive sports space look like, and how can it be delivered through an age of disruption and digital transformation?

SPORT ACCESSIBILITY: Making a meaningful difference for people with disabilities through sport

Breaking barriers and stereotypes, Paralympic athletes have become heroes in a society that needs more role models and inclusion. Embracing technology, innovation, and powerful messaging, sport has a role to play in providing better access and equal opportunities to everyone. How can we move beyond inspirational stories and make a meaningful difference for people with disabilities across the globe?

LIVING BETTER TOGETHER: Embracing sport’s universality to build greater social equality for everyone

In a world full of cultural differences and global conflicts, sport can still be a catalyst for openness and diversity. It can bring people together to promote inclusion - to give everyone an equal chance regardless of their sex, sexual orientation, identification or religion. How can sport tackle discrimination - and not give it a place to hide?


SPORT EVENTS REINVENTED: Choosing innovation and social responsibility when the : world is watching

Major events are at the core of sport, a showcase for everything the industry does and an accelerator for its real-world effects. In a new generation of challenges and opportunities - from digital engagement to sportswashing - can sports events stay relevant, model better practices and manage a more sustainable, more positive impact?

PURPOSE DRIVEN SPONSORSHIP: New ways and motives to deliver real change through sponsorship

Fans have a voice and brands need to hear it, and sport can support organizations’ purpose roadmaps. Partnerships in sport can no longer focus only on exposure and consumer messaging. They need to recognize what matters to sports fans and use their commercial influence to benefit communities - or they could alienate the audiences they are trying to reach.

SUSTAINABILITY: Making sport a beacon for a better environmental future

Time is running out to address the climate emergency and sport cannot be too late to change. Between big events, top athletes, broad communities and equipment industry, sport has many points of influence and can model innovative approaches to a more sustainable future. What role can it play and how will it bring technology into the battle?

Top-notch speakers will be part of the program on various topics, such as:

Performance & wellbeing will be tackled with a session about Peak performance: using data to win. ARNAUD SANTIN, Co-founder & CEO – SportsDynamics, TIMO GROSS, Co-Trainer Analyse

- TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, JONAS BAER-HOFFMANN, General Secretary – FIFPRO and DAMIEN COMOLLI, President - Toulouse Football Club, will highlight how data has impact the sport evolution.

Sport accessibility with GREG NUGENT, Founder - Harder Than You Think, CRAIG SPENCE, Chief Brand and Communications Officer - International Paralympic Committee and MEW TWYMAN, Paralympic Communications - Tokyo 2020 will be about the power of representation and more exactly why media coverage is a game-changer for paralympic athletes.

SARA BOOTH MBE - Former Northern Ireland international footballer and Head of Women’s Competitions - FIFA, SARAH GREGORIUS - Director Global Policy & Strategic Relations for Women's Football – FIFPRO and JULIE UHRMAN- Co-founder & President, Angel City FC will speak of Women & sports with a focus on FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023. They will shed light on what does the future hold for our athletes on and off the field of play?

Fan engagement with a session on How new platforms engage with fans where PIERRE-LOUIS DE GUILLEBON, CEO - Orange Events, AVIV ARNON, Co-founder and CBDO - WSC Sports and GEORGE AIVAZOGLOU, Head of fan engagement and direct-to-consumer - NBA Europe and Middle  East  will  discuss  the  notion  of  fan  engagement  continuously  evolving.

Representatives of major leading industry players will take part in the Future of Sport programme to cover key topics of the sport ecosystem:

•Business France : Sports as a driver of sustainable innovation

•BPCE : Economic stakes in the sports sector

•Advens : Top sailing performance as a vehicle for positive impact.

•Powerade x IOC : What do athletes think about a positive transformation of sports?

•Publicis Sport x Webedia : How does Gen Z perceive Paris 2024 Games

•Auvergne Rhône Alpes : Innovation in sport equipment

•AXA : Women in business and sport (with Liverpool FC)

•Coca Cola : Paris 2024 Games - An inspiration for more environmentally responsible events?

•Esport Best Partnerships : Team Vitality x Tezos and Fnatics x Jack Link’s

•Paris&Co : How do young people relate to sport?

Future of Sport will be the place where the international sport ecosystem meets the tech & innovation universe. Key leaders of the next Olympics and Paralympics Games (Paris 2024, Milano 2026, Los Angeles 2028) will be alongside of more 30 international sport federations, and numerous stakeholders from top-managers of major sporting events, professional teams, institutions and high-performance athletes.

For Marie Jaillant the Executive Director of Global Sports Week : Future of Sport is fully in line with what we've already been doing. In line with our motto "Shake, Shape, Share the future of sport", our aim is always to reinvent, innovate, inspire and put our finger on the major issues at stake in the transformation of sport, by giving a voice to the right players.

To discover the full program: Sessions (

To find out all the speakers: Speakers (

About Future of Sport

Future of Sport, a Global Sports Week and VivaTechnology collaboration, is the gathering of the sport and tech ecosystem. Leaders in innovation, technology and business come together to meet stakeholders committed to the positive transformation of sport.

About Global Sports Week

Global Sports Week Paris is a platform for global sports organizations, promoting innovative and sustainable sport in response to the expectations of new generations.

Created in 2020 under the high patronage of Mr. Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic, and under the patronage of UNESCO, Global Sports Week brings together political and societal leaders with change agents from sport, business, culture and media.

After 3 first editions, having connected more than 2000 participants from 70 countries and 20,000 online visitors, Global Sports Week returns for its 4th edition: Future of Sport, in collaboration with VivaTech, from June 14 to 17, 2023.

For more information: and @globalsportsweek

About VivaTech

VivaTech is an innovation gas pedal that connects startups, technology leaders, large companies and investors to address our world's biggest challenges. It is the place where business and innovation meet.

Every year, VivaTech organizes Europe's largest tech and startup event: for 4 exciting days, we bring together in Paris the most disruptive topics in technology, the entrepreneurs who are changing the rules and the world's greatest technological advances, creating an ecosystem conducive to business.

VivaTech is a global community of thousands of startups, investors, organizations, companies, researchers, media and visionary talent.

The seventh edition of VivaTech will take place from June 14 to 17, 2023.

More information available at and @vivatech

About Yutang Sports

As one of the official media partners of the Future of Sport, Yutang Sports is a Chinese leading sports marketing and media platform, with an ultimate mission to connect China and world through sports. After years of growing, Yutang Sports, with a comprehensive media and marketing promotion system, is now dedicating to reporting sports business and marketing trends, providing sports business news, analysis, and exclusive data reports in both Chinese and English. Having been cooperated with top-level domestic and international sports summits, Yutang Sports is opening a window for Chinese sports industry to embrace the world.

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