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Lin Dan filmed promotion video for American brand Oakley

By Yutang Sports 04 Apr 2015

Lin Dan, the top badminton player in China and who has been nicknamed as “Super Dan”, has always been a popular choice for brands’ marketing campaigns. He recently added an American brand to his portfolio and filmed a promotion video for it. 

The brand, Oakley, is a sporting brand. Lin is its first ambassador in China. It entered the Chinese market in 2009, and has over 600 retail stores in China now. 

The endorsement is largely a part of a global advertisement campaign of Oakley, “One Obsession” which is planned to be spread to 21 countries across the world and to last through the entire 2015 by online and on-ground activities. The campaign invited athletes from many sports, including baseball star Matt Kemp, motor champion Marc Márquez, cycling athlete Mark Cavendish, etc. 

Lin Dan’s video is about his obsession and love for the sport of badminton.

Lin has worked with brands such as Li Ning, Red Bull, Wrigley, Intel, and Yonex. He has been a very successful player in terms of both sports performance and commercial values. 

Source: Qdaily

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