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Investment attraction to support Snooker World Cup 2015

By Yutang Sports 24 Apr 2015

On April 23rd, press conference of investment attraction of Snooker World Cup 2015 was held at China Beijing Equity Exchange. Distinguished guests from State General Administration of Sports, Chinese Billiards & Snooker Association, China Interactive Sports etc., attended the ceremony.

Sports Industry Resource Exchange set up and run by Beijing Equity Exchange and China Interactive Sports will help Snooker World Cup 2015 to attract investment on issues related to exclusive naming, cooperation partner, supplier etc. At the same time, Snooker World Cup 2015 is also the first international top event promoted by this platform.

The boarding of Snooker World Cup 2015 on Sports Industry Resource Exchange, not only integrates the event and capital, but also marks the open transaction of sports industry, furthermore, it is also the new beginning of clear ownership and orderly circulation of factor market. The purpose of investment attraction of Snooker World Cup 2015 on the platform is to seek for long-term and high quality cooperation partner.

At this time, the Committee of Snooker World Cup 2015 plans to look for 1 title sponsor, three cooperation partners and a number of suppliers. For them, the sponsorship fees vary from 500 thousand to 3 billion yuan. The Committee hopes to take advantage of the platform to attract more social capitals and enterprises.

From June 15th to 21st, Snooker World Cup 2015 will land in Wuxi entitled with “China Billiards City”. About 48 top snooker players on behalf of different countries and areas all over the world will gather there to compete for the world champion.

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