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Kia became title sponsor of 2015 World Extreme Games

By Yutang Sports 04 May 2015

2015 World Extreme Games, sponsored by Kia took its show in Jiangwan Sports Center, attracting much attention from extreme sports fans.

The new and improved venue this year is much more challenging and charming. 

Nearly 200 best action sport athletes from almost 30 countries and regions will compete in BMX freestyle, skateboarding, speed climbing and International freestyle Motocross (FMX) competition at 2 venues: Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower (Vert Finals) and KIC Jiangwan Sports Centre (other Competitions). 

At the same time Kia Motors (China) would appear with its brand-new cars and give full supports to WEG.

Kia World Extreme Games is one of the top comprehensive extreme sports around the world. 

Kia World Extreme Games has been successfully held in Shanghai for eight years and its newly upgrade to world-class took place in 2013.

As the world top extreme sports events, all previous WEGs have been broadcast to the world. As we know, the broadcasting time around the world in 2014 is over 1000 hours. 

Furthermore, it is the 11th sponsorship from Kia to the event. This year, Kia also sponsored Australia Open by providing it with official cars.

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