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Lin Dan started his "solo badminton career" with sponsorship of Yonex

By Yutang Sports 06 May 2015

Confirmed by regional manager of Yonex in China, Lin Dan, No.1 male badminton player plans to start his "solo badminton career" in Sudirman Cup this month by using Yonex’s products. 

At the beginning of January, Lin’s signing with Yonex attracted much attention from media. Actually, from 2009 to 2014, Li-Ning has acquired exclusive sponsorship of China National Badminton Team, as a result, Lin got no way but submit to the order of his team to use Li-Ning's products.

Therefore, after the news that Lin wanted to find a new partner brand, many insiders and outsiders voiced their great concerns on this matter.

The news means that Lin will begin to use Yonex’s products in Sudirman Cup, which is also the first time for Lin to use different brand from his teammates.

Yonex Co., Ltd. is a Japanese manufacturer of sporting equipment for badminton, golf, and tennis, producing racquets, clubs, shoes, shuttlecocks, and other equipment for those sports. For the company itself, Lin is just another Yonex athlete.

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