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CBA draft will leave a positive impact on collegiate players

By Yutang Sports 06 May 2015

China Basketball Association (CBA) committee has announced that new policies would be introduced to CBA in the coming season, which caught attentions from the public.

The policy regarding to CBA draft, in particular, will leave an impact on young basketball players.

According to the regulations, young players can apply for the places of the draft as long as they have never done this before. Secondly, collegiate players who have involved in China University Basketball Association (CUBA) or China University Basketball Super League (CUBS) are eligible to the CBA draft. Moreover, the players picked up by CBA teams will get “1+1”contracts.

Apparently the policy with respect to the CBA draft is not as sophisticated as that of the NBA, but it at least guarantees an approach for collegiate basketball players in China to CBA.

It will benefit the collegiate players, said Zeng Lingxu, a professional basketball player of CBA team--Foshan Dralions. Zeng was once the captain of Tsinghua University basketball team and then picked up by Foshan Dralions in June 2011.  

He explained that the new policy would enable more young collegiate players to show what they are capable of in the presence of CBA clubs and coaches, in which way the possibility for CBA teams to select those players would increase.

Zeng also took his own experience from Tsinghua University to Foshan Dralions as an example to manifest the importance of chances for players to perform in front of CBA clubs.

Besides, Zeng was very confident in some collegiate players as he believed some of them had gifts in basketball. But passion, apart from gift, would be also crucial for those young players if they were set to pursue professional basketball in CBA after graduations, continued by Zeng.

As mentioned above, the new CBA draft policy will leave a positive impact on collegiate players for the chances it will create for them to perform in front of CBA teams. But those young players themselves also need strong passions for basketball if they wish to pursue professional basketball dreams.

Source: Netease

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