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Chinese football stock market soars 158%

By Yutang Sports 08 May 2015

Foreign media reports that Chinese stock market which is worth 7.7 trillion yuan has shown supports for the plan of football development of China. 

According to Fuji Sankei daily report on 6 May, since a year ago when the football reform was indicated, stock prices of 9 public-listed companies that are associated with Chinese domestic leagues have witnessed an average rising of 158 percent. These stocks receive good expectations from the market because of President Xi’s attentions. 

For instance, the stock prices of Ledman, the exclusive LED partner of Chinese Super League, grew 336 percent in the last year. Another example is Leshi Internet whose stock prices also increased largely. 

Minsheng Securities thinks that Chinese Super League Group would expect their revenue to double this year to 800 million yuan. It is also regarded by Shanghai Securities that the potential of China’s football market would surpass that of West Europe due to the large population. 

Source: Sohu.

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