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FIFA delegations visited China to discuss cooperation

By Yutang Sports 11 May 2015

FIFA delegations visited Chinese Football Association (CFA) in the past two days for discussions about collaborations, according to CFA on 10 May. Six representatives of FIFA arrived in Beijing on 6 May. 

The goal of the meeting was evaluation of implementation of the two sides’ cooperation from 2011 to 2014, and discussing 2015 cooperation.

FIFA and CFA first signed a technical cooperation agreement in 2011. Since then, FIFA has organized 130 training events on subjects such as coaches, judges, women’s football, youth football, journalism, business, competition, and management, covering almost every aspect of football, and trained 9,689 people. 

FIFA expressed that they highly regarded China’s efforts in supporting and developing football, and the release of the football reform plan; they were willing to offer necessary aids and helps for CFA, to improve Chinese football and its management. 

President of CFA, Cai Zhenhua, said that Chinese football was at a key stage of reform and development, and he welcomed FIFA to give useful suggestions and share experience with CFA. 

Source: Xinhua 

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