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Decathlon reached an exclusive agreement with Tmall

By Yutang Sports 19 May 2015

Last week, three top outdoors brands, Decathlon, Timberland and Lafuma reached an exclusive agreement with Tmall. According to the agreement, Tmall is going to be the exclusive E-commerce store for the three brands. Not only for sales of products, they would collaborate with each other deeply in goods structure, pricing, promoting and O2O. Moreover, Tmall is about to start the “Tmall PE”, and share knowledge about sports with the consumers on that.

As the outdoor sports, like jogging and cycling getting more ubiquitous, E-commerce of outdoors is growing rapidly. More than 100 outdoors brands established their stores on Tmall flagship stores, including almost all of the mainstream brands all over the world. In 2014, the revenue of the brands increased by 800%.

Decathlon President of Great China, Zhang Yue said in the interview that, Decathlon opened store on Tmall 5 years ago. The business of Decathlon covered 370 cities in China with more than 63 million visitors. In the next step, Decathlon is going to issue their new products on Tmall mostly.

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