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86 overseas Chinese gather for Beijing Winter Olympics bid

By Global Times 28 May 2015

86 overseas Chinese gathered in Beijing for the tenth edition of "Overseas Chinese youth travel on homeland" on Wednesday, claiming to support the Beijing bid for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

The youths from 31 countries and regions partied at National Swimming Center, also known as "Water Cube".

"We are devoted to the Beijing's bid for the Winter Games," said Lin Zhenhui from Malaysia. "I'll start from myself to promote the Olympic spirit."

"The Water Cube was built under the support of 350 thousand Chinese from all over the world," said Liu Chunfeng, official of Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Beijing.

"The building embodies the Chinese dream for hosting the Olympics, and we hope to attract more overseas Chinese to come to Beijing and fight for Beijing's bid," he added.

They planned to visit Beijing and Tianjin to learn more about the homeland, and at the same time try to find commercial opportunities.

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