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Chinese city to build smart football facilities

By Yutang Sports 29 May 2015

A city in the south of China, Changsha, is going to invest in smart football infrastructure this year. 

Changsha Football Association agreed with a company in Hunan Province about cooperation in the project. The company will provide 100 million yuan as insurance money to help with the building of a fund raising platform of the football industry. 

The main aim of the fund raising is to develop an O2O platform, which is a part of smart football facilities in the city. This product is designed to enable people to watch live games and book fields online and on mobile. 

At the same time, they are going to upgrade 21 football fields in seven football stadiums within the city. The president of Changsha Football Association told reporters that they plan to implement Wifi infrastructures in all football stadiums in Changsha in the future. 

The budget for the first 21 smart football fields is 150 million yuan. They will be completed by the end the year. Changsha Football Association would also cooperate with schools for smart football facilities in the future. 

Source: Xinhua 

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