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ZTE reported to develop NBA mobiles

By Yutang Sports 05 Jun 2015

Rumors said that ZTE, one of the largest Chinese mobile manufacturers, the sponsor of three NBA teams, is going to develop an NBA mobile product, to allow users to put NBA into their pockets. 

It is said that several NBA stars would endorse the product collectively. The stars include Kobe Bryant, James Harden, and Dwight Howard. What’s more, ZTE is said to be going to use NBA logo and player images in its domestic marketing campaigns in China. 

At the end of May, ZTE was present at the Tencent NBA resource news conference. At a similar conference held in Guangzhou several days ago, ZTE signed an agreement with Tencent for cooperation regarding Tencent’s NBA resources. 

However, the news about the NBA mobile has not been confirmed by ZTE. Some news reported that the information was not true. 

ZTE ranked 4th in the American mobile market in the first quarter of 2015, and has 5.8 percent of the market shares. In the first quarter, the sales grew 69 percent compared with the same period in last year. This is partly because of the brand impact brought by partnership between ZTE and NBA teams. 

Source: qudong, it168, NetEase

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