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Snooker World Cup, fundraising is not only for money

By Yutang Sports 17 Jun 2015

From June 15th to June 21st, Nongfu Spring Snooker World Cup kicked off in Wuxi, China. “China Snooker Ace”, Ding Junhui is going to play for China which will draw domestic attention. However, just before Ding`s debut, the fundraising of World Cup has attracted enormous eyeballs.

As the top level snooker event, World Cup started in 1979. In 2015, China got the right to hold it for the very first time. The organizing committee planed to arouse enthusiasm of public by fundraising. They launched off the fundraising campaign by cooperating with .

In the past time, generally we thought that fundraising is to raise fund, namely for money. However, in the period of Internet, fundraising means much more than that.

We all know, despite snooker is quite popular in China right now, Snooker World Cup still not a ranking event. So big names like O`Sullivan and Trump would not play. Therefore the organizers are in need of exposure to promote World Cup, while fundraising online is an ideal chance to raise the profile of World Cup.

By fundraising, more audience who did not know anything about World Cup to browse on the pages and seek for information about World Cup. Besides, the campaigns like “the love from whole world ties up with Wuxi” was released, fans fom 23 participant countries were organized to spectate.

The campaigms were organized by Tianjian Sports, . is a professional platform for sports fundraising. They segment the market into running, basketball, football and snooker etc which meets the need of individualization of sports industry.

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