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The price of Chinese Super League copyrights rises violently

By Yutang Sports 08 Jul 2015

Recently, Chinese Football Super League Company held a stockholders’ meeting in Qingdao and worked out its plan of the new season of super league. The company announced that the price of 2016 Chinese Super League (CSL) copyrights will be raised to at least 200 million RMB which can be regarded as a sky-high price for broadcasters.

In 2015, it costs only 70 million to 80 million RMB for broadcasters to get the copyrights of this year’s CSL. However, in the next year, the costs will triple. Actually, compared The Premier League whose copyright price is 1.7 billion pounds, Chinese Football super League Company seem to charge not very high. Nonetheless, it is believed that Chinese broadcasters will still get shocked at such an incredible price, because the development of China’s soccer copyright market is still remaining at a low level.

Whereas the stockholders of Chinese Football Super League Company believed that the 200 million charge is not high enough. They announced that the true value of CSL copyrights including TV broadcasting rights, online broadcasting rights, and abroad broadcasting rights could amount to 500 million RMB. Anyhow, it has been doomed that 2016 CSL copyrights will be sold at a record high price.

Source: sports.eastday

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