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Hualu Baina to invest RMB1b in winter sports

By Yutang Sports 15 Jul 2015

Hualu Baina Film& TV Co., a Beijing-based company which has lately launched a venture to exploit sports industry in June, announced a couple of days ago that it had struck a deal with China’s Hebei province on winter sports events.

Under the deal Zhang Jiakou, located in Hebei Province, a bidding city of 2022 Winter Olympics Games alongside Beijing, will be reached by RMB1billion of investment from the listed company to establish and promote winter sports.

With high possibility to host the Winter Olympics in 2022, Zhang Jiakou appears to be perfect a place for Hualu Baina to host the “snow and ice carnivals” as approaches to get their shares of the rising sports industry in China.

Hualu Baina, as a media company, aims to blend winter sports with entertainment to deliver packaged programs to the audience.

Winter sports, extreme winter sports especially, will be ideal for TV audiences, said Chen Yongzhuo, vice president of Hualu Baina.

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