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Chinese sports industry aims to reach 3 trillion yuan by 2020

By Wang Hailong 06 May 2016

The Chinese sports industry will surpass three trillion yuan ($460 billion) by the end of 2020, according to China's sports development five-year plan released yesterday (5th May).

The five-year plan refers to year 2016-2020.

China's State General Administration of Sports said in the plan:"China's overall sports industry turnout will be surpassing three trillion yuan, accounting for 1% in GDP with the added value of sports service taking up 30% in the overall sports industry."

In addition, the total football pitches in the country will reach over 70,000, averaging at least half a pitch for each 10,000 people and 0.7 pitch for 10,000 in the favorable areas. The number needs to surpass 50 million in China engaging in regular football playing according to the plan.

Besides, China will have 20,000 soccer academies by 2020.

The plan draws out blueprint for nationwide fitness programs, setting goals of newly building 500 public fitness centers in counties and 15,000 fitness facilities in villages and towns. 10,000 more multi-functional playing grounds will be constructed in cities, averaging 1.8 square meters of sporting field for each by 2020.

Source:China's State General Administration of Sports

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