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By Yutang Sports 17 Jul 2015

On July 23rd, Bayern Munich will visit Guangzhou. Bayern Munich VS Guangzhou Evergrande is going to be the last match for Bayern Munich in 2015 summer. The online entertainment company, announce that they would officially sponsor the game.

Both Bayern Munich and Guangzhou Evergrande own many valuable stars in their team. According to the report, the total value of players in Bayern Munich reached 551 million Euros. Compared to Bayern, the value of Guangzhou players is just 37 million Euros, however if you take the football situation into consideration, Evergrande had done a great job in China and the leader of China, even whole Asia.

As the sponsor of Bayern China Tour, not only would invite their members to spectate the match in Guangzhou, but also promote the match on Wechat and Weibo. They started the quiz with fans, the winners would get the tickets, even travel cost for free.

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