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77m RMB for sponsorship of the National Traditional Games in China

By Yutang Sports 17 Jul 2015

The 10th National Traditional Games of Ethnic Minorities of China has gained more than 77m RMB (US$12.40) from sponsorships up until July 9. 

A sponsorship signing ceremony was held in Ordos, Inner Mongolia of China on July 9 for the Games. Up to that day, there were 30 deals reached. 

In the 77m RMB sponsorship fees, 41.25m are cash sponsorships, and 36.45m (US$58.72) are products and technique sponsorships covering a series of different products and services, including apparel, water, vegetables, rice, mascot, automobiles, insurance, telecommunications, etc. 

There were five levels of sponsors at this event – partner, exclusive supplier, supplier, enterprise sponsor, and licensed enterprise. Six sponsors provided sponsorship fees that were over 6m RMB each (US$966,600) and five of them are local companies in Inner Mongolia. 

Hawtai Motor and Chery Automobile were car partners. They provided official vehicles for the event. 

The event will be held from August 9 to 17 in Ordos in Inner Mongolia. It features sports of 55 ethnic minorities of China and many amateur athletes participate in it. It is held every four years. 

Source: Xinhua 

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