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Future of Sport: a resounding success for the Global Sports Week and Viva Technology collaboration

By Yutang Sports 21 Jun 2023

During four days, Future of Sport, a collaboration between Global Sports Week and Viva Technology, brought together leaders in innovation, technology and business along side key stakeholders committed to the positive transformation of sport. This year, Viva Technology and Global Sports Week together welcomed 150,000 visitors from 174countries to Paris Porte de Versailles, with 11,400 startups and 2,800 exhibitors, while 405,000digital visitors logged on to follow the discussions of over 450 speakers.

©️VivaTech x Global Sports Week

According to Lucien Boyer - co-founder of Global Sports Week, " this fourth Global Sports Week has fully benefited from the booster effect of a record edition of VivaTech, and thus confirmed its ability to bring together the global sports ecosystem in Paris, to promote an innovative and sustainable Future of Sport".

According to Francois Bitouzet Managing Director of Viva Technology, " with the Paris 2024 Olympic Games just a year away and the Rugby World Cup 2023 just a few months away, Viva Technology wanted to showcase the richness and vitality of Sport Tech, and we've highlighted the incredible opportunities it offers to those who practice and to those who see it as a strategic lever for tackling today's major environmental and societal challenges".

The ecosystem were able to draw inspiration from the initiatives and reflections of representatives from the Olympic movement (Paris 2024, Milan 2026, Los Angeles 2028, IOC, French NOC and PC), international federations (NFL, NBA, FIFA, FEI, ITTF, IFAF, UEFA, etc), leaders of major sporting events, professional clubs and exceptional athletes such as Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (tennis), Drew Brees (football americain), Emile Ntamack (rugby), Clarisse Cremer, LoickPeyron, Alex Thomson, Francois Gabart (voile), Justine Dupont (surf), Alexis Pinturault (ski),Arthur Bauchet (para-ski), Nantenin Keita (para-athletistme), Benjamin Kayser (rugby), Nausica Dell'Orto (flag football)...

©️VivaTech x Global Sports Week

Through a rich programme focused on Performance & Engagement, Social Impact and Growth with Purpose, the top stakeholders in the sector have shaped the future of sport thanks to contributions from Amelie Oudea-Castera, Pr. Muhammad Yunus, Marie-Amelie Le Fur, Brett Gosper, Patrick Mouratoglou, Michelle Schwartz, Amadou Gallo Fall, Ibrahima Wade, Alexandre Bompard, Georgina Grenon, David Kahn, Guy-Laurent Epstein, Petra Sorling, Nicolas Maurer, Federico, Musi, Ludivine Munoz, Sabrina Ibanez, llario Corna, Selina Yuan, Pierre-Louisde Guillebon, Denis Bordenave, Brian Phillpotts, Craig Spence, Julie Uhrman, Sarah Booth, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Nathalie Dechy, Frédérique Jossinet, James Williams, PaolineEkambi, Sarah Herrlinger, Kim Wilson, and many others.

Moments of inspiration combined with meetings and connections created with partners (BNP Paribas, LVMH, Orange, Publicis Sport, Région Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes, Com'Over, Advens, Amazon, 17 Sport, Axa, BPI France, Coca-Cola, Groupe BPCE, Inspiring Sport Capital, Leyton, LaMétropole du Grand Paris, Respect, Sport Carrière, Two Circles, WSC Sports..) enabled us to share the advances and commitments made by players, while demonstrating the dynamism of the market. Sport was thus able to confirm its power and its role in social and environmental issues. For Lucien Boyer, co-founder of Global Sports Week, "Sport's role in society is becoming stronger than ever. "

©️VivaTech x Global Sports Week

This new gathering managed by Global Sports Week has enabled sports and tech experts to enrich their vision, stimulate their desire for disruption and create a collective dynamic for the positive transformation of sport.

Major lessons have emerged during these four days, in particular with the results publication of the study conducted by Global Sports Week and Two Circles on the significant commercial opportunity for the French sports industry. By 2032, the value of the French sports economy is expected to reach a value of 7,8 billions euros, a growth of 97% compared to the current 4 billion euros. With its Observatory, BPCE has also demonstrated the impact and importance of the sports economy for local areas, and the essential role of local communities. 

Another highlight was the unveiling of "Coach climate events" by Amélie Oudéa-Castéra -Minister of Sports and the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Georgina Grenon - Environmental Excellence Director of Paris 2024 and Brigitte Henriques - President of CNOSF, a tool intended to all organizers of sporting events regardless of their size to assess and reduce their impact on the climate.

©️VivaTech x Global Sports Week

Overview of the key stakeholders on the 9 streams of this year's edition of Future of Sport

1.Improving the performance and experience of high-level athletes and all practitioners (data, equipment, connected objects, security, etc.)

o   Footbar: the first data tracker accessible to footballers. FOOTBAR recognizes everything that happens in the match: passing, dribbling, shooting speed, distance covered, sprint speed... Thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

o   Baseline Vision: the most scalable real-time game analysis solution for tennis. A wearable smart camera to provide players, coaches, clubs, and tournaments with line of play information, performance tracking, game drills and video feedback.

2.The transformation of the sports equipment industry and trade (tech at the service of design, customization, logistics, circularity, etc.)

o   Region Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes: territory of very beautiful French innovations in the service of circularity and the future of mountain sports. Chamatex took up the challenge of relocating the production of performance footwear for French leaders such as Babolat and Millet.

o   Circle Spotswear: the eco-responsible French sports brand. Created in the circular economy, Circle Sportswear designs 100% recyclable technical clothing for Running, Yoga and Training.

o   Infinite athletic: the first doubly circular solution for the world of sportswear. Infinite Athletic transforms the waste of a sport (tennis strings) into clothing for the same sport, ad infinitum.

3.Transformation in the organization and broadcasting of major sporting events (governance and delivery models, new competition formats, new media formats, connected stadium, blockchain, security, etc.)

o   The Ultimate Tennis: Shadow by Patrick Mouratoglou makes tennis more attractive, immersive and participatory, with a limited playing time while offering more authenticity, letting players express themselves.

o   Pixellot: the global leader in Al-automated sports video and data solutions, streaming over 150,000 matches per month to over 30,000 venues in 70 countries. Their affordable Al technology automatically streams matches and highlights from the stadium to the screen, 100% automatically. Content creation tool to give visibility to events that need it (women's sport, university sport, etc.).

o   Oneplan: the best way to plan events and venues together. Easy-to-use software allows event planners to visually plan their venues with great precision in collaboration with stakeholders.


4.The new sports economy (responsible sponsorship, new funding models, digital marketing, new media rights, etc.)

o   Advens x Leyton: the We sail for People and Planete project brings together many players around societal and environmental issues through high performance.

o   Axa x Liverpool FC: put all the power of football at the service of promoting women's sport and public health issues.

o   Alexandre Bompard - CEO of Carrefour shows us that the values of Olympism help them to accelerate the transition towards more sustainable and healthy food and accessibility for people with disabilities.

5.The engagement and experience of fans, especially new generations (role of athletes, NFT, metaverse, influence, etc.)

o   WSC: WSC Sports' Al cloud platform enables rights holders and sports media to automatically generate personalized sports videos in real time and reach every fan one very platform with the right piece of content.

o   Collect ID: use of blockchain, NFC and NFT technologies to create a unique ecosystem for brands to engage with their customers.


o   The dynamism of the French esports ecosystem, with the presence of Team Vitality, winner of the Counter Strike Major and a full pavilion hosted by France Esport.

o   EVA: use of virtual reality to accentuate the connection between sport and e-sport by combining physical activity and immersion in the world of video games.

o   The IFC: one of the largest online competition networks, connecting over 60,000 players and over4,000 teams in over 170 countries, shortly after being launched during Covid as a simple website to host FIFA competitions and recreate social connections.

©️VivaTech x Global Sports Week

7.The ecological transformation of sport (new energies and efficiencies in mechanical and nautical sports, green tech, etc.)

o   Stadium Go: the carpooling platform dedicated to sporting events meeting three objectives: reducing the carbon footprint of supporter travel, improving accessibility and parking at the stadium, encouraging travel sharing among enthusiasts.

o   Enedis: by connecting all of the sites of the Paris 2024 Games to the electricity distribution network, Enedis will demonstrate that the electricity distribution network can be the solution for connecting the biggest global event and contributing very concretely to reducing CO2 emissions in the events sector.

o   Coca-Cola: showcased its innovations for more responsible and sustainable beverage distribution at JOP Paris 2024

o   Manta5: the world's first hydrofoil bike and propelled it to the rank of the fastest growing nautical activity in Europe. A revolution for soft mobility.

o   Mclaren: its development of new production standards for competition vehicles based on more sustainable materials and production methods.

o   Syroco: new sustainable propulsion solutions for maritime transport thanks to the power of wings.

o   Event Climate Coach: tool for event organizers to assess and reduce their carbon impact.

©️VivaTech x Global Sports Week

8.Innovation at the service of societal challenges (disability, parity, inclusion, health, well-being, education)

o   Lassosafe: a service for measuring and preventing moral and physical harassment of athletes.

o   Carrefour: the values of Olympism help them to accelerate the transition towards more sustainable and healthy food and accessibility for people with disabilities.

o   Corima, from the Look group: wheelchair wheels for disabled sports teams and offering progress in the manufacture of wheelchairs for people with disabilities in every day's life.

©️VivaTech x Global Sports Week

About Future of Sport

Future of Sport, a Global Sports Week and VivaTechnology collaboration, is the gathering of the sport and tech ecosystem. Leaders in innovation, technology and business come together to meet stakeholders committed to the positive transformation of sport.

About Global Sports Week

Global Sports Week Paris is a platform for global sports organizations, promoting innovative and sustainable sport in response to the expectations of new generations. 

Created in 2020 under the high patronage of Mr Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic, and under the patronage of UNESCO, Global Sports Week brings together political and societal leaders with change agents from sport, business, culture and media. After 3 first editions, having connected more than 2000 participants from 70 countries and 20 000 online visitors, Global Sports Week returns for its 4th edition Future of Sport, in collaboration with VivaTech from June 14 to 17 2023.

For more information and @globalsportsweek

About VivaTech

VivaTech accelerates innovation by connecting startups, tech leaders, major corporations and investors responding to our world’s biggest challenges. This is where business meets innovation. Vivatech organizes Europe’s biggest technology and startup event each year, over four exciting days in Paris. We unite the most disruptive topics in tech, rule-breaking entrepreneurs, and the world’s largest technology breakthroughs, building an ecosystem where business gets done. VivaTech is a global community including thousands of visionary startups, investors, organizations, corporations, researchers, media, and talent. The seventh edition of VivaTech took place 14-17 June 2023. More information available at and @VivaTech.

About Yutang Sports

As one of the official media partners of Future of Sport, Yutang Sports is a Chinese leading sports marketing and media platform, with an ultimate mission to connect China and world through sports. After years of growing, Yutang Sports, with a comprehensive media and marketing promotion system, is now dedicating to reporting sports business and marketing trends, providing sports business news, analysis, and exclusive data reports in both Chinese and English. Having been cooperated with top-level domestic and international sports summits, Yutang Sports is opening a window for Chinese sports industry to embrace the world.

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