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Partnership Continues as Yutang Sports Appointed as an Official Media Partner of the Global Sports Week 2022

By Yutang Sports 24 Feb 2022

Yutang Sports is officially appointed as an official media partner of the Global Sports Week Paris 2022, with the partnership being extended to deepen the forum’s exploration in China.

With eyes on global perspective, the 15-year-old Yutang Sports has been unswervingly dedicating to building the bridge that connects China with global sports community. Through active cooperation with top forums, the Chinese premier sports media and marketing company keeps close communications and business contacts with international sports organizations, with the Yutang English website becoming one of the most popular channels for Chinese and overseas sports stakeholders to learn from each other.

As the partnership contract extends, Yutang Sports will continue to serve as the official media partner and spread the cutting-edge ideas of leaders and industry elites. By assisting the GSW Paris to enhance its impact worldwide, especially in Chinese market, Yutang Sports values the partnership as an opportunity to facilitate the cooperation and mutual benefits between China and global sports industry.

The Global Sports Week is now thriving to become the sports rendez-vous of the year ©️GSWParis

1.The partnership on GSW 2021 proved Yutang Sports’ strength in media and reignited Chinese insiders’ faith.

From February 1st to February 5th, 2021, the second edition of the Global Sports Week Paris, themed with “Reinvention in Action”, attached its concentration on how the sports community adjusted itself under the global pandemic and magnified its value in human society. Based on years of deep insights on sports industry, and powered by its multi-dimensional media matrix, Yutang Sports fulfilled its first partnership with the forum by timely and efficaciously sharing the leaders’ steadfast confidence and deep thought on sports industry under the pandemic.

Dynamic and all-round promotions through media channels. During the partnership on GSW 2021, a total number of 57 articles, including official news releases and 14 Yutang original articles, as well as 17 video highlights had been spread through Yutang Sports’ Chinese and English media channels, which comprehensively depicted the general landscape of the forum from the perspectives of mayors, industry leaders, young elites, and organizers. Driven by the we-media matrix, Yutang Sports had distributed 438 related news articles and 131 videos in total through its 18 we-media channels and 16 video accounts, leading to a considerable viewership that approached one million.

Dialogues with leaders and young sports makers. Years of active participations in international sports summits has endowed Yutang sports with invaluable opportunities to explore the boundaries of conventional thinking by learning from industry leaders. It was during the GSW 2021 that Yutang sports set exclusive interviews with key players of the global sports community, including Lucien Boyer, president and co-organizer of the Global Sports Week, and Thomas Lund, Secretary General of the Badminton World Federation, as well as five competent young elites from the Young Sports Makers Program. In the meantime, the forum’s official conversation with the ATP Chairman Andrea Gaudenzi at the Milan Hub was fully localized in Chinese and spread through Yutang media channels as well. By sharing their own points of view on each area of expertise through Yutang Sports, the guests expressed their strong belief that sport is bound to defeat the pandemic and fulfill its value in society, which had conveyed special meanings to the development and reinvention of sports community.

Thomas Lund,Secretary General of the Badminton World Federation ©️BWF

Value-added service to enrich the content. In addition to regular reporting, Yutang sports built upon prior cooperation experience with international summits and further created diverse promotion forms that were convenient for the audience to view and share, including a dedicated webpage for GSW 2021 and tailored graphics to highlight the mayors’ address.

As the first ever international sports forums being held on the ground since the spread of COVID-19 Pandemic, the GSW 2021 had not only delivered a safe event but also accomplished a one-of-a-kind feat of having the forum synchronously presented at six different international hubs, including Paris, Tokyo, Beijing, Milan, Dakar, and Los Angeles, with an innovative digital platform connecting them as a whole.

The creative countermeasures under the Pandemic, as well as its thorough focus on “Shape, Shake and Share” from the beginning to the end, had all offered a momentous pick-me-up to the global sports community to overcome short-term obstacles and plan for a bright blueprint. As one of the official media partners, Yutang Sports, with the same vision, has always been devoting itself to letting the voice resonate at the heart of every Chinese sports commitments. 


Highlights of the Global Sports Week 2021

2.Reunion in 2022 – deep exploration into Chinese market to enhance its connection with the world.

After two successful editions in iconic locations of the French capital (The Louvre, & the Eiffel Tower), GSWParis will return from May 9th-13th , with an agenda focused on the future of sport at the intersection of business and society. The iconic Accor Arena – an official competition venue of the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games – will provide the central stage of this year’s forum, supported by additional digital and overseas events. The theme for the third edition of GSWParis will be: ‘Better versus Bigger: Growing Sport in the Age of Responsibility”.

With the frequent arrivals of international events in recent years, China has been playing a key role in global sports territory. The continuation of the partnership not only demonstrates Global Sports Week’s recognition of Yutang Sports as a trustworthy partner, but also reveals its determination to explore Chinese market and facilitate intercultural and business communications.

The Accor Arena will witness the comeback of the GSW2022 ©️GSWParis

Lucien Boyer, President and Co-Founder of the Global Sports Week said: “We are delighted to extend our partnership with Yutang Sports, and look forward to our continued collaboration around future GSW endeavors and communications activity in the Chinese Market - ahead of the third edition of Global Sports Week this May, and beyond.

The opportunity to connect with people from different countries and sectors is the heart of the Global Sports Week concept, and developing our activity and presence in China, a key market in global sports for more than a decade now- highlighted by the upcoming organization of the 2022 Beijing Winter Games – has been an ambition for Global Sports Week since day one.

As an influential player in the Chinese sports market, Yutang Sports has been a trusted partner for Global Sports Week in the development of our offer in China, through valued support on the ground when we organized our first hub event in Beijing during the second edition of our world-first hybrid multi-country forum for sport in February 2021 – a successful first experience in China we look forward to replicating and building upon in the coming years. 

LI Jiang, Executive Director of Yutang Sports said: “To cooperate again with Global Sports Week, the sport’s rendez-vous of the year, has always been our honor and a recognition of our brilliant services. We will continue to enhance our expertise at media promotions as always and fulfill our duty as a media partner to satisfy our privileged partner, the Global Sports Week, and all the sports insiders.

“We are always holding a view that, in addition to bringing in valuable assets, the Chinese sports industry should put equivalent emphasis on going out to have the charm of Chinese sports and young elites shine in the world, which is Yutang Sports’ duty-bound mission. As the 2024 Paris Olympics period is approaching, the Global Sports Week Paris has been playing its momentous role in global sports community, while Yutang Sports has its commitment to run the promotions with the highest standard, which could contribute to the developments of our beloved sports undertakings. I am looking forward to a stunning comeback of the Global Sports Week 2022.”

Lucien Boyer, President and Co-Founder of the Global Sports Week 

Given the overall considerations of the event schedule, as well as the diverse sanitary policies worldwide, the GSW 2022 has properly adjusted the scale of its international hubs, which, however, does not undermine the forum’s attention to the Chinese market. After the Beijing Winter Olympics, a dedicated workshop organized by the forum will be held on the ground at the capital of China, in which the prestigious industry leaders and young sports makers will give various ideas and present their perspectives on the development of industry. In addition to the domestic event, Yutang Sports will keep close contact with the Global Sports Week and co-create more China-related topics and activities.

The communications between France and the world, and between France and China, driven by the Global Sports Week, has become more frequent recently in the context of upcoming major sports events including Rugby World Cup France 2023, FIS World Championships Courchevel-Méribel 2023 and the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024. With profound sports connotations and the dual-Olympic feat, China is now unleashing its potential in sports business at the start of its 14th Five Year Plan, while Yutang Sports will take this unprecedented opportunity to facilitate China’s communications with global sports industry and have the development potential fully activated.

3. Yutang Sports  -  A bridge for the interconnections

One of the key highlights regarding Yutang Sports’ cooperation with the GSW 2022 lies in its achievement on having its role as the bridge enhanced after years of experience accumulation. With Yutang Sports’ coordination and Global Sports Week’s recognition, the first edition of the China Business Schools’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest of Winter Olympics and Winter Sports, organized by the Sports Business School of Beijing Sport University, has set out its first step of talent exchange at the global stage, with HU Ziyi and GAO Fengdian, representatives of the Contest, being invited to participate in the GSW Beijing Workshop on behalf of the Chinese GenZ sports talents.

©️Beijing Sport University

As the full implementation of Public Fitness Strategy further stimulated people’s sports consumptions, a brand-new developmental stage of Chinese sports industry has been unveiled, making it essential for sports stakeholders, including cities, events, sponsors, as well as teenagers, to actively communicate and interact with global community. Having been dedicating itself in global sports industry for more than a decade, Yutang Sports keeps close connections with top sports forums and organizations, with a pure original commitment of establishing the bridge for communications. The facilitated talents exchange, as well as more upcoming communication activities that will be co-initiated with the Global Sports Week, are existing as the invaluable fruits of Yutang Sports’ nonstop accumulations of domestic and international network resources, symbolizing that the company has taken another firm step towards its vision.

As an official media partner of the Global Sports Week 2022, Yutang Sports will continue to deliver premium reporting of the sport’s rendez-vous of the year, and welcome all sports insiders and partners interested in the forum to shake, shape and share at the global stage.

About Global Sports Week Paris

Global Sports Week Paris is an annual international forum that brings together leaders and disruptors from sport, business, culture, media, government and society. Its agenda is focused on the future of sport at the intersection of business and society.

The inaugural edition, held under the patronage of UNESCO and the high patronage of M. Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic, took place at the Louvre in Paris in February 2020, gathering more than 2,000 delegates from 70 countries.

In 2021, GSWParis returned from February 1st - 5th, boasting a new, multi-country format, mixing physical and digital experiences, with events in six cities worldwide.

More information: | #GSWParis

About Yutang Sports

As one of the official media partners of the GSWParis, Yutang Sports is a Chinese leading sports marketing and media platform, with an ultimate mission to connect China and world through sports. After years of growing, Yutang Sports, with a comprehensive media and marketing promotion system, is now dedicating to reporting sports business and marketing trends, providing sports business news, analysis, and exclusive data reports in both Chinese and English. Having been cooperated with top-level domestic and international sports summits, Yutang Sports is opening a window for Chinese sports industry to embrace the world.

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