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Can LeTV Sports pull off organizing International Championships Cup China?

By Yutang Sports 24 Jul 2015

Can LeTV Sports pull off organizing ICC China?

Thanks to the efforts of LeTV Sports, Chinese fans finally are able to watch International Champions Cup (ICC) at their doorstep for the first time.

On July 25th, Shenzhen will witness the derby between Inter and AC Milan, the first match of ICC China, signifying a new era for Chinese football market.

Lei Zhenjian, CEO of LeTV Sports said, “By holding ICC, LeTV Sports has officially entered the field of events operation.” But can LeTV Sports make the event a success? ICC is the most important preseason between biggest clubs during every summer. Organizing it will be a test to LeTV’s potential to transform the traditional sports industry.

But LeTV is dismissing the doubts.

The news that LeTV Sports brought ICC to China immediately created a sensation in the market. Ads of ICC China have been purchased by EA Sports, Luyuan Electric Motorcycles, Suning, Adidas and Samsung which has become the exclusive official partner with a deal worth dozens of millions of RMB.

Besides international brands such as Samsung, other Chinese brands including China Mobile also signed deals to sponsor the event. It is estimated marketing and ticket revenues of three matches will amount to hundreds of millions of yuan. For LeTV Sports that holds high-level international football event for the first time, Internet plus sports have shown its power.

LeTV Sports has been recognized as the most prominent Internet sports company in China with broadcast rights of most top-level sports events home and abroad, including CBA, NCAA, EPL, World Cup, ATP, WTA, F1, MLB, NFL, Tour de France and so on. “We have beaten the biggest sports network ESPN and our old friend CCTV5 in the number of sports events of which we own broadcast rights. I am confident that we can thwart any challenges,” said Liu Jianhong, Chief Content Officer of LeTV sports.

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