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Efforts invested into E-sports by Chinese government

By Lin Min 10 Aug 2015

E-sports, which has the attributes of both game and sports is thriving in the rapid development of video game industry. The International Dota 2 Championships, a major event in E-sports, has drawn much attention from Chinese government, society and media to itself. Recently, Gao Yifan, vice head of E-sports, State General Administration of Sports talked about the positive impact of TI5 on the development of China’s E-sports and how the authorities will promote it in an interview at T15 in Seattle, Washington.

Gao said that although E-sports involves electronic device to compete, it still bears resemblance to traditional sports. Both attach great importance to players’ professionalism, mental and physical exercises as well as cooperation. In the terms of scale and influence, TI5 represents the top level of professional E-sports. The huge prize worth 18 million dollars also shed light on the solid foundation and the bright prospect of E-sports. Recently, the State General Administration of Sports has been committed to building the E-sports competition system on national and regional levels.

Gao also mentioned that since 2003 when E-sports was recognized by the Administration as the 99th sport item, China has made remarkable progress in this industry. At the same time, some problems also emerged, including the irregular competition system and transfer mechanism. As the competent authorities, the Administration is working on these problems.

Source: ifeng

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