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Federation of International Sports Industry set up in Shanghai

By Wang Hailong 03 May 2016

The Federation of International Sports Industry(FISI), the first association of its kind in China, was inaugurated in Shanghai on 29th April.

FISI is based in DOBE Sports Loft Creative Park, which is near the Shanghai Hongkou Football Stadium.

The park, which is home to 179 companies, began to introduce sports companies from 2008. 

Jia Bo, President of the DOBE Group, said: "The Sports industry is sure to see a tide of startups in the next ten years and it may even become an important force to boost China’s economy." 

With the support of the local government, DOBE Sports LOFT Creative Park initiated FISI and aims to draw resources from the government, sports-related companies and venues to make it easier for companies in the sports industry to share information and develop together.

Jiang Hanjun, the chief of Hongkou District Sports Bureau, said: ”With FISI, there is a better communication platform between the government and companies, which make it easier for the government to understand and serve companies.”

Source: Shanghai Morning Post

Proofread by Sean O Diobhilin

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