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LeTV and Chongqing Daily inaugurate their co-founded company

By Lin Min 27 Aug 2015

The inauguration of the Chongqing LeTV Sports Industry Development Co., Ltd took place on Au-gust 26th. At the inauguration ceremony, the newly founded company introduced its future pro-jects.

This new company was co-founded by LeTV Sports and the Chongqing Daily News Group and is the first partnership LeTV Sports has secured with a provincial-level news group.

The Chongqing Daily News Group has attached great importance to developing its business in the sports industry. In 2010, its subsidiary Chongqing Morning Post set up Chongqing Tengbo Sports and Culture Development Co., Ltd. More recently in 2013, the news group established the Win-dow of Chongqing News Sports and Culture Development Co., Ltd.

LeTV Sport, as an emerging enterprise, have embraced the Internet Plus policy and  share com-mon goals with Chongqing Daily in their development plan for the sports industry, thus leading to closer cooperation across the whole industry chain.

The projects Chongqing LeTV Sports Industry Development have revealed include the first Inter-national Women’s Half Marathon in the western area which will take place on October 25th, a cross-country race around Nanshan, the Three Gorges 100k Ultimate Cross-Country Endurance Race and  the Chongqing Amateur Tennis League.

Source: Sina

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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