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IBF announces strong market entry into China

By The Jakarta Post,edited by He Lanying 18 Sep 2015

The International Boxing Federation Global (IBF), a non-profit organization governing the efficiency and uniformity in the supervision of professional boxing, announced strong market entry plans into China with the appointment of Ruihang Wang as the President of IBF China, who will serve as the official and exclusive representative of IBF in the Greater China region, including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

Daryl Peoples, President of The International Boxing Federation Global added, “We are extremely delighted to have Mr. Ruihang Wang serving as the President of IBF China in this capacity. He has a proven track record of growing the boxing sport in China with over thirty matches held in collaboration with the official branding and tournament promoter, Rejoy Culture and Media Group, since he took the helm and we expect over one hundred matches to be held in 2015. This global collaboration is unique and will create dynamic opportunities between China and the United States for its athletes to compete and train. Because of the significance of this relationship, IBF China will report directly to IBF headquarters in the U.S. to propel the growth in the China market more efficiently.”

“I am extremely proud to accept this designation effective July 2015 as an opportunity to expand the world of boxing in China and promoting the collaboration between two great nations in China and the United States,” commented Ruihang Wang, President of IBF China.

“This is a very exciting time for our sport and we see immense growth opportunities on a multi-cultural and cross-border basis in this field of boxing. In collaboration with our promoters, boxers and officials, we expect to quickly penetrate the market, enhance the worldwide fan base and discover cross-marketing opportunities. I look forward to coordinating IBF matches and commercial activities in Greater China. ”

This appointment emphasizes the commitment to improving the scope of boxing in a growth market by The International Boxing Federation Global by attracting new talent who can be competitive on an international basis.

About The International Boxing Federation

The International Boxing Federation is one of four major organizations recognized by IBHOF which sanction boxing bouts and is a voluntary membership non-profit corporation for the purpose of obtaining greater efficiency and uniformity in the supervision of professional boxing and to encourage and assist professional boxing. The organization promulgates rules, suggests standards for boxing guidance, sanctions title fights to establish champions and prepares ratings of different weight classes.

About The International Boxing Federation China

IBF China is the solely authorized representative of IBF in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. IBF China has the right to boxing bouts sanction, brand promotion and business development in China. IBF China sanctioned the first China boxing league tournament which is the leading tournament in China, carried out more than 30 boxing bouts in different cities of China including Beijing, Xian, Hangzhou, Shenzhen and titled champion of 67kg class Beijing division and 79kg class Hangzhou Division.

IBF China also focuses on the training of the local Chinese referee teams. The training and assessment of the referees/judges is under the supervision of the famous American judge Joe Pasquale, who has judged more than 800 international fights and Mark Nelson, who has refereed over 800 international fights.

IBF China is a corporate socially responsible organization through its various charitable activities in Greater China including offering scholarships and financial support for the development of Chinese youth boxers, coaches and referees from China for development in the United States.

Taken from The Jakarta Post

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