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CSL rights sold for 8 bn RMB to Chinese company

By Zhang Tingting 25 Sep 2015

Ti’ao Power have won the bid to the production and broadcasting rights of the Chinese Super League from 2016 to 2020, for a fee of RMB¥8 billion (US$125.52 million) which is almost 20 times the current price for 2015 -- RMB¥80 million. 

The rights fee is even higher than that of the English Premier League in Mainland China, which cost RMB¥1 billion covering covering the 2013-19 seasons and was renewed by Super Sports in 2012. 

Ti’ao Power will pay 1bn RMB each year for the first two years, and 2bn RMB each year for the last three years. 

The bidding process started at 10am Beijing Time at the Chinese Football Association Super League headquarters. Four of the bidding companies Great Sports, CCTV Sports and Entertain-ment, Ti’ao Power, and Guangdong TV first made presentations to the board members of the Chinese Football Association Super League Co,. Ltd. The other four companies from the original 8 bidding companies, including IMG, Infront Sports and Entertainment, were not qualified for the presentation. 

However, Great Sports, the sports channel in Shanghai has been named as a possible alternative partner in case the deal with Ti’ao Power does not work out. 

Chinese media have said that this is a new fees record in the history of Chinese sports broadcasts. Ti’ao Power currently owns the broadcasting rights of Team China (football). They bought the rights in the first half of 2015. 

Source: NetEase 

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick. 

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