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K-Boxing:inner and surface transformation by collaborating with snooker

By Yutang Sports 12 Dec 2014


K-boxing had been a brand full of strength and masculinity. However,  it did not meet the aesthetic criteria today and needed to gain more inner beauty and build a gentleman-like image.

Yutang Diagnosis 

This new position called for new channels of communication and  accurate targeting. Snooker was the perfect choice, because snooker was linked to the image of gentleman and CCTV-5 broadcasted an enormous number of snooker games which guaranteed exposures.

Strategy and implementation 

Endorsement by top-class snooker players, exposure from logo patch on players waistcoat, partner of CCTV-5 snooker broadcasting, news releases, social media, and public relation activities.


The reputation of the brand boosted up rapidly. By deep communication and integrated marketing, consumers were more identified with the brand’s culture and its image became more fashionable. K-Boxing won 2013 China’s Best Brand-Building Case Award for “K-Boxing Moments with the Masters”,  an award Siemens  and Coca Cola have both won before.

Tags: snooker
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