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Tianjin to invest ¥50m to sports sector each year

By Zhang Tingting 22 Oct 2015

The Chinese city Tianjin announced new stimulus policy for the development of the city’s sports sector, including providing ¥RMB50m by the city finance every year. 

The decision was announced yesterday at a Tianjin sports industry working meeting. The secretary of the party committee and the chairman of the Tianjin Sports Bureau says that they are going to provide more supports through financial helps and favorable tax policies. The financial support of 50 million yuan will start from this year. 

Tianjin government expressed that they would make changes in two other areas. One is to change unfavorable policies and to allow more flexibility for companies and start-ups projects in the sports sector. The other one is to provide more sports equipment to the public, to stimulate more demands for sports. 

The goals are as follows: by 2018, Tianjin needs to equip all of its towns and districts with coverage of public fitness centers, sports-themed parks, sports lottery facilities. Sixty percent of the towns and districts should have at least one avenue, one public swimming pool, one stadium, and one public sports-themed park. 

Source: Xinhua

Tags: policy
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