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Youth sports market is rising in China

By He Lanying 27 Oct 2015

The 2015 National Youth Games is about to drop the final curtain. Among the noise caused by the event is the rising sound made by youth sports in Chinese market. As the youth market is developing at a rapid speed, many sports-related businesses are eyeing the opportunity to grab a share from the emerging market.

“National Youth Games provides youth athletes with the best platform for them to show their competitive skills. We are very proud to be part of the games as an official partner of the game in the sports good category. It’s a great testing bed for our multi-service capabilities and competitive power,” said Zhu Chenguang, Senior Manager in Marketing Center of Xtep, a leading sportswear brand in China.

As the top sponsor of the event, Xtep not only enhanced its presence among Chinese youth consumers, but also conveyed its idea of “living an active life for all”. That is a concept beneficial to the overall sports market in China.

According to the business arm of Youth Games Organizing Committee, the Youth Games has sealed a series of deals, including 13 partners, 7 sponsors, 10 exclusive suppliers and 14 non-exclusives. Besides, there are a total of 28 franchisees and 27 business entities and individuals provide their support. Even before the start of the games, revenues from sponsorship deals and cash donation have reached more than RMB320 million, among which RMB43 million is from Xtep.

Just like Xtep, 361 Degree also begins to unfold its layout for youth sports market. Zhao Feng, General Manager in Brand Center of 361 Degree, believes that Youth Games provides a great open stage for young people to communicate and interact with passions and enthusiasm. It also provides sports brands with great opportunities to gain more popularity and brand awareness among a certain targeted group. 

“You might have not seen the importance of youth community at present but they are the main force during next 10 to 20 years in terms of the consuming power. We are more concerned about their growth from the long-term standpoint,” said Mr. Zhao.

In order to improve its brand influence among young people, the company has signed several Chinese rising stars, including Sun Yang and Ning Zetao, and sponsored youth games such as International University Sports Federation and CUBS etc. 

Peak Sports CEO, Xu Jingnan also echoed in a statement,”it’s a brand new era for Chinese sports. More families are willing to invest in kids’ physical health, which makes the youth sports market a blooming one.”

As a major player in the market, Anta Sports announced its plans to tap the youth sports market. The company is committed to promoting the robust development of youth soccer in China in the long run through match organization and the training of young soccer players and coaches in cooperation with the Evergrande Football School, Jiangsu Administration of Sports and Shuhua Company Limited.

Source: Xinhua

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