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Chinese Super League officially signs with Ti’ao Power

By Pu Yang 28 Oct 2015

Chinese Super League Co. Ltd. held a press release in Beijing this afternoon to officially finalize the deal with Ti’ao Power on the rights to produce and broadcast Chinese top tier soccer league for the next five seasons.

Vice chairman of CFA Zhang Jian and Yu Hongchen alongside chairman and CEO of China Media Capital and board chairman of Ti’ao Power Li Ruigang, executive director of Ti’ao Power Li Yidong and managing director Zhao Jun all attended the press conference.

In the press, Mr Zhang Jian showed his appreciation on the board members of Ti’ao Power for their years’ supports to Chinese professional soccer. And the extended partnership between the sides shows that Ti’ao Power is optimistic about the future of CSL.

As Mr Zhang continued, the CSL has adhered to the principles of healthy, steady, and continuous growth in the development course of Chinese soccer. The partnership with Ti’ao Power will bring the CSL more extensive market prospect and more significant brand influence. Additionally, the CSL will improve its competitive level, reserve forces and event operations, leading the CSL to a brand new track in a fairly short time. To evidence their ambition, Mr Zhang said the partnership is to help promote the CSL as a world class soccer league. 

Mr Li Yidong said, “The CSL is truly the premier sports event in China so the rights to the CSL are core to Chinese sports industry and media ”.  Ti’ao Power has witnessed the growths of Chinese top division soccer league for over a decade and has their own valuations on the price of media rights to Chinese soccer and the CSL. As for the RMB8bn, Mr Li believes that the money would be well spent on restructuring the league and helping build the CSL clubs, adding value for Chinese top tier soccer league.

Zhao Jun, managing director of Ti’ao Power, reveals its five-year plan. The company is set to focus on making improvements in production, broadcast, media exposure and rights products enrichment. In addition, Ti’ao power will also build a production centre to produce various kinds of programs based on the CSL. 

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