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Two Chinese sports institutes bond to educate on winter sports personnel

By Pu Yang 11 Nov 2015

China’s Hebei Institute of Physical Education has reached a partnership deal with Harbin Institute of Physical Education to work together in cultivating professionals to meet the demands of growing winter sports industry, according to one of China’s leading portal websites Netease.

Under the deal, commences next year, the sides will cooperate in educating a large number of athletes, trainers as well as referees and a variety of professionals who will cover winter sports events, venues operations and maintenance, physio alongside services and industrial development.

As planned, the institutes will cover 66,000 professionals from 2016 to 2022 to support the 2022 Winter Olympic Games and also the growing winter sports industry.

More specifically, Hebei Institute of Physical Education will open winter sports modules for both undergraduates and postgraduate students with the help from the Heilongjiang-based institute.

The partnership aims to help cultivate talented athletes for winter sports and develop winter sports in general in Hebei Province which will be co-hosting the 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

Source: Netease

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